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Pure Religion


I first met Robert Horton at Oklahoma Bible College way back in 1969.  His future bride Ann Morris came to school a year later.  While I’ve spent the last 47 years in ministry, Robert and Ann have spent those years in the construction and real estate business in Bryan, Texas.  As business people and concerned Christians, they have worked the last 14 years to establish SHELTER the HOMELESS INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS in El Salvador.  A children’s home complex has been built that ministers to orphans as well as a thriving community outreach ministry to the impoverished families.  It is on this mountain side in El Salvador where they are making the words of James 1:27 reality: “pure religion is to visit the widow and orphan in their time of need.”   My friends have reminded me of what God’s Word calls “Pure Religion”.

Check out their web site at http://shipinternational.org


What a blessing for the 11-member team from Oak Hills Church to have been on mission in El Salvador for a week in March 2017! This dedicated group of mission trippers joined several others from Bryan, Texas for a week long adventure of work, ministry and outreach.  Check out the new pictures posted on our Web Page and Refocus Facebook Page. 

Several images that come to my mind of this latest mission trip with SHIP.

WORSHIP:  We spent the Lord’s Day in worship at Rush Creek Church near the SHIP Children’s Home compound where we were housed for the week.  It was a beautiful worship experience.  Pastor Carlos David Abrego granted me the great honor of preaching to the overflow congregation.   Although the words of the songs were in Spanish, and the words of the sermon in English, the Holy Spirit was present for this time of worship and spoke to each team member in a special way.

WORKSHIP:  Our team spent the week working on several projects from setting the electrical poles that will service the new duplexes as well as digging the trenches and laying the plumbing lines for the drains for these homes.  Hanging and staining cabinet doors, building closets for several of the apartments that are nearing completion in the newest building on campus and putting the drop ceiling in the education building.

A misconception is that a mission trip consists of using our voices to do street witnessing, preaching, and other events to tell people about Jesus. In reality, a mission trip is made up of using our hands, arms, and feet to do things that show Jesus to people. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of this trip and for what God is doing in El Salvador through His people. 

­Not only did our team make an impact on some of the people of El Salvador, but El Salvador made an impact on our lives as well. The images of this beautiful country have sharp contrasts. It’s a place where Bird of Paradise and other exotic plants grow in the wild like weeds … A place where exotic birds fly free and sing from banana and mango trees above. Yet, it’s a place where poverty abounds and people live in shacks.  It’s a place where a poverty of the soul abounds and the love of Jesus needs to be shared, and we did share His love with our lives and our lips.  It is a place where you can “visit the widow and orphan in their time of need.”  

The March trip was my 8th trip with number 9 coming this Saturday as a new group of 13 from Oak Hills Church will join me and others from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Bryan, Texas and head to El Salvador June 3-10.  I am so thankful for those who support and enable LaCresha and I to make El Salvador a vital part of our retirement ministry.  God Bless you all.  You and your church can get involved in one of these Mission adventures.  Contact me by replying to this email or sending me a text.

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